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We are Shakta Kaur & Sat Siri Singh Khalsa.


Shakta Kaur is Kundalini Yoga teacher, aromatherapist, reflexologist, massage therapist and soap maker. 


Sat Siri Singh Khalsa is Kundalini Yoga teacher, teacher trainer and musician.


We live in Southall, West London, England. Read more about us


On these pages, you find information about our Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops, about Shakta Kaur's Aromatherapy & Reflexology treatments and handmade soap, about Sat Siri Singh's workshops, yatras and prayer book production, and many interesting resources and links.


If you would like to organise a Japji Sahib Weekend or any other workshop with Sat Siri Singh, please get in touch: 07502 330120,

Upcoming Workshops & Events


New Class with Sat Siri Singh:

Thu 8.30pm-10am (start 25th August 2016)
at Heston Pools and Fitness, New Heston Road, Heston, Hounslow TW5 0LW, 0203 805 3739

£8.70 drop-in or Fusion Lifestyle membership
Click here to see all my classes


New Class with Shakta Kaur:

Sat 10.30am - 12noon (start 10th September 2016)
at St Andrew's Church Hall, Church Road, Ham Common, Richmond TW10 5HG

£11 drop-in, or £38 for 4 classes
Click here to open flyer


"Not Affected by Pleasure"

Click here read my latest article, published in the Sikh Dharma Minister's Newsletter March 2016

Click here to find more articles 


Yogi Bhajan Birthday Meditation

Fri 26th August 4.30 - 7.45am with Sat Siri Singh in Southall

Go to facebook event or Open Flyer to find details


Start 22nd September 2016

Journey into the Heart of Sikh Dharma

International Telecourse facilitated by Mata Mandir Kaur

Sat Siri Singh is presenting this year on the topic "Gurbani, Gurmukhi, Naad Yoga and Nit Nem"





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