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Recitation of sacred scriptures and mantras has been practiced in all spiritual traditions throughout all ages of human mankind. It is the most sublime way of inner cleansing and transformation, the supreme preparation of the devotee and lover. By repetition in meditation, the essence of the Divine word penetrates deeply into the Being and brings it into resonance and remembrance. The seed of the word blossoms and prospers in the soil of the physical body. Individuals and communities call on the morphic fields of their spiritual ancestry.


Japji Sahib, received by Guru Nanak ca. 1500AD, is the opening chapter of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, a sacred scripture and songbook of Divine Love and human inclusiveness, reiterating the essence and priorities of the perennial teachings for a successful, liberated life during the dark ages of kali yug. Our Divine identity and essence (sat nam) can be realised through the Divine word (shabad, bani) which is the connection (guru) between the timeless Divine consciousness and the beauty and suffering in temporary creation, the world ocean. This is the fascinating concept of Gurbani.


“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.” (John 1.1)


During this weekend workshop, we will approach Japji Sahib in various ways and experience, discover and deepen our love and fascination for its sound, content and effect: Recitation in original language and English translation, singing, Mool Mantra Mala meditation, lectures and discussions for intellectual understanding, finding your personal sutra and pauri, pronunciation of the original script, vocal exercises, and Kundalini Yoga kriya and meditation.


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"Mein momentaner Zustand dazu ist dass ich vor Glück fast platze. Ein sehr wegweisendes Wochenende." - Dayaljot Kaur, Germany, 2016


"Das Mul Mantra gehört jetzt zum täglichen Sadhana dazu und ich werde dein Lehrgang weiterempfehlen, denn ich habe dadurch neue Inspirationen empfangen dürfen. Dieses Seminar hat mein Verständnis über die spirituelle Sicht vollständiger werden lassen." - Taran Jot Singh, Germany, 2016


"Ich danke Dir für all die tollen Erfahrungen und Informationen am Japji Wochenende. Ich hätte Dir noch ewig zuhören können! Ganz besondern schön fand ich, wenn Du einzelne Pauris übersetzt hast und gleichzeitig mit Geschichten und Erfahrungen abgerundet hast, und wenn Du die Pauris mit uns gesungen hast. Das hätte nicht enden müssen." - Mahan Jiwan Kaur, Germany, 2016


"Das Wochenende fand ich großartig und wir haben viel mehr gemacht als ich erwartet habe." - Keherpreet Kaur, Germany, 2016


"This Japji course was a re-awakening and deepening of my connection to Japji, Naad and my Soul. I particularly loved the vocal practice as it brought me great happiness. The course has rebooted my Sadhana and magnified the peace and love in my heart. The food was excellent, as was the company. I always learn so much from others in this safe space where we are free to be honest and open. Thank you for holding the space for us and for your love, empathy and direction. You are clear, engaging and so clearly deeply in love with what you do and your way of life, which is exactly what I want from a teacher." - Sat Charan Kaur, England, 2015


"I took part in Sat Siri’s Japji workshop in November 2014 in Cologne. Since then my access to the Japji Sahib has become so much more profound. Sat Siri’s teachings went directly into my heart. Maybe this is so because he does not speak from a theoretical point of view, but from his own profound personal experience of a practicing Sikh and as somebody who is truly searching for a comprehensive understanding of this religion and its traditions. I am very grateful that I had the chance to participate in this workshop." - Paramdhan Kaur, Germany, 2014


"I enjoyed the weekend immensely. I experienced a total reset and feel very much more in love with the Japji as I really feel that it holds all answers (and "secrets") of life. In gratitude and love" - Shabad Deep Kaur, Netherlands, 2013


"Thank you very much. At this moment my cells are dancing and vibrating with new life energy. That makes my laugh and cry at the same time. The Guru has awakened my senses, now it's time for me to get real... with lightness into being." - Linda Numan, Netherlands, 2013


"Thank you for your words and reminders, they have found their way directly into my heart! At this moment, many connections between experiences and qualities open up, make me grow further and become clearer! Waheguru!" - Updesh Kaur, Austria, 2013


"This workshop gave me new insight into the Japji, my understanding of Yoga, singing and the Naad! Your understanding of the German, English and Gurmukhi languages gave the workshop extra quality. There was never any blah blah, but something that came from your depth and clarity, which was always intelligible." - Sham Inder Singh, Austria, 2013


"This workshop was wonderful in all its aspects. Another 'Pauri' closer to God." - Siri Hari Kaur, Austria, 2013


"You showed me so many wonderful possibilities which I would like to explore further... The collective chanting of the Mool Mantra and the singing of pauris was wonderful." - Santjot Kaur, Austria, 2013


"Thank you very much for sharing your enthusiasm for the Japji, for your joy about its beauty, your knowledge, and the idea of simply being with its sound and understanding with our hearts. Thank you for an inspiring, demanding and genial weekend." - Dev Mukh Kaur, Germany, 2014

"Very quickly, I was confident that Sat Siri knows what he is talking about. He studied his subjects in depth, speaks from experience, and is clear about his personal comments. Competent knowledge, delivered with enthusiasm and humility offer you the opportunity to learn, understand and be inspired." - Christoph Müller, Germany, 2014

"I love the way you spread your inner light." - Carla van der Werff, Netherlands, 2013




NEW: Japji Sahib Synopsis with 8 different English Translations


Guru Nanak's Japji Sahib is one of the most powerful, beautiful, deep and all-embracing compositions in Divine inspiration. It is the heart and essence of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the living Shabad Guru. Many essays and translations into many languages have been published. 


Reading different translations of this jewel of Divine poetry, we find a variety of possible understandings of its content, different minds reflecting different aspects of its essence some 500 years after its conception. Comparing different translations opens the space of understanding. In this synopsis, eight different English translations are listed next to each other. The original Gurmukhi with transliteration in the first column is followed by translations from


1. Pritam Singh Chahil, Sri Guru Granth Sahib translation, New Delhi, India, 1992
2. Harbans Singh Doabia, Sacred Nitnem, Amritsar, India, 2002
3. Osho, The True Name, New Age International, New Delhi, India, 2003
4. Sant Kirpal Singh, The Jap Ji: The Message of Guru Nanak, Delhi, India, 1959
5. Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, Sri Guru Granth Sahib translation, Tuscon, USA, 2013
6. Guruliv Singh Khalsa, Japji of Guru Nanak, Ancient Healing Ways, Eugene, USA, 1982
7. Guruka Singh Khalsa, Japji Sahib: Meditation of the Soul, Española, USA, 2004
8. Ek Ong Kar Kaur Khalsa, Japji Sahib: Song of the Soul, USA, 2004


The preceding introduction elaborates on the motivation of the synopsis, considerations of "understanding" Japji Sahib, explaining notions like Naam, Naad, Simran and Jap, the life and legacy of Guru Nanak, and the problem of limitations within translations into other languages.






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