Naad Workshop


Discover the Transforming Powers of Your Voice 



Kundalini Yoga & Naad Workshops for the 5th Chakra
& the Healing Powers of the Voice


By virtue of its numerology of number 5, our physical body stores our karma, unprocessed experiences and pending challenges. Within the system of the 7 chakras, the throat chakra has the same numerology as the physical body within the system of the 10 bodies. It has the same task and potential for communication, for processing the karma and holistic healing.


Sound is the prana for the process of creation and destruction. Spirit descends into matter and matter ascends into spirit by sound. Created in the image of the Divine, the human being has this power of the word. In the physical body, sound resonates, stimulates and communicates to all systems. The intention within the sound touches the Soul. This unstruck current of intention within the sound, the Naad, is what you can hear wih your third ear.


Simple vocal exercises can cleanse your energy channels, balance and stimulate your chakras, remove blocks in the throat chakra, and liberate your voice. We will practice Kundalini Yoga kriya, meditation and vocal exercises to regain full volume and vibrancy of our voice and restore the original power of the word. You will feel centred, invigorated and inspired in your Self.




Kundalini Mantra & Shabad Meditation Concerts


Mantras from Kundalni Yoga
& Shabads from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib in Raagas


Bhai Mardana was an old friend and devoted student of Guru Nanak. He accompanied him for many years on almost all his journeys and played the Rabaab to Guru Nanak’s hymns. 


During the concerts, we want to sing Mantras from Kundalini Yoga, Pauris from Japji Sahib, and Shabads from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib in ancient Raagas. By meditating on the sounds of our own voice, you can deeply connect to the essence of your self. Through the sound ("per sona"), the person is revealed. The words of the shabads will be shared to sing along.  


The prana and rhythm of the breath, the kriya of tongue and palate, and the sound current of our voices in our bodies will call on the nectar, concealed in the sacred hymns. Our glands are secreting healing juices, the light in all cells shies forth brighter and clearer, and we forget all fear and sorrow.


"Friend, sing continually the songs of joy, and sorrow and suffering will not afflict you." - Guru Amar Das (1479 - 1574), Anand Sahib


"Singing raises the Soul of man higher than any form of religion. Music is power and intoxication." - Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi Master (1882 - 1927)




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