Handmade Natural Soap

from Shakta Kaur



My soap is made following the traditional cold process method, also known as "castile soap." The main ingredient is cold pressed olive oil, naturally rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. The glycerine, which is produced during this process, stays entirely in the soap and can unfold its moisturising effect on the skin. This is not the case for conventional soap. 


Soap is the result of a chemical reaction between an acid and an alkali base. Vegetable oils provide the acid base and sodium hydroxide the alkali base. The reaction of the two bases is called saponification. After a minimum of 4 weeks curing, the sodium hydroxide is completely neutralised.


I am very passionate about this kind of soap making; I love the process, the creativity when choosing the ingredients, the lovely smells of the soap, and, of course, its naturally skin-friendly effects and energy. 


My soap is safety assessed with the aim to offer natural handmade soap of highest quality. All soap is vegan, only plant based ingredients are used, no animal products. To ensure quality and freshness, I make small batches. Everything is handmade, from mixing to cutting and wrapping. 





All soap is made by cold process method with pure vegetable oils, 50% cold pressed olive oil from Italy, precious organic essential oils, botanical colours, French argilez clays, organic herbal and floral additives.



5 Element Soap


olive oil / spring water / coconut oil / palm oil / unrefined cocoa butter / castor oil




Wood Element - Balancing
green clay, bergamot, marjoram, mandarin, roman chamomile



Fire Element - Uplifting
pink clay, annattoseeds extract, lavender, petitgrain, palmarosa, rose



Earth Element - Nurturing
cinnamon & cocoa powder, orange, fennel, cardamon, patchouli, cinnamon leaf



Metall Element - Refreshing
white clay, lemon, rosemary, cypress, eucalyptus rad



Water Element - Strengthening
alkanetroot extract, cedarwood, juniper, ginger, thyme, geranium





Herbal-Floral Soap


olive oil / spring water / coconut oil / palm oil / organic sunflower oil / castor oil



Calendula Unscented (for sensitive skin)
calendula & chamomile extract, calendula petals,





lavender petals, lavender, geranium, lemon, alkanet root extract




Thyme & Teatree
thyme, lavender, teatree, lemon

Order Soap


5 Element Soap ca 120g Bar: £5 plus p&p
Herbal-Floral Soap ca 100g Bar: £4.50 plus p&p


To order soap, please send an email to Shakta Kaur


We will send you an invoice, and you can pay with paypal





"I have started using the fire soap over the last few days. From the moment I received the soaps I could feel that they were special, from the careful attention to wrapping and their beautiful colour. It is particularly wonderful to feel such a gentle touch and to meditate on the fire element as I shower. Certainly the soap lathers well, smells great and my skin really appreciates its goodness." - Jagat Joti Kaur


"When I use Shakta Kaur’s Handmade Soaps the rich lather washes and moisturizes my skin whilst the essential oils infuse this daily ritual. I have my favourites, too many to list as it all depends upon my mood and the season surrounding us. I would highly recommend these soaps to anyone who appreciates and enjoys the simple process of daily purification. It’s as simple as this." - Susannah Rosenfeld


"I will be lifelong addicted to your soap!" - Christine Patmore


"I met you at Yogi Bhajan's birthday party this year, and bought some of your beautiful soap - I tried the Earth one, it was delicious! Thank you - I really felt the love and care that you put into creating it." - Gemma Bliss




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